Oh, goodness.

July 19, 2009

I drove home crying tonight.

They were good tears. Cleansing tears. Tears that were crying to God letting Him know that I am in awe and aware of His goodness in my life. The fact that I'm a girl and am more emotional at certain points in the month than others probably made the tears fall a little more freely than normal, but that's besides the point.

Over the past year, He has been teaching me about His ways and seeing goodness in the midst of tough times, simply wanting me to hold on to His promise that His will will be done. It's a lesson in progress.

I read on another blog the other day (and I can't for the life of me find the source) that God doesn't want so-called bad things to happen to us; He allows them to sift through His hands fully aware that good will come from it. Sometimes that good is for us, and sometimes it's for something else entirely, but it is always, always for Him. And when it is for Him, through us, it is good. If you love Him and live for Him, then you can always see the good. Maybe right away, maybe in twenty years, but always eventually.

God intervenes in our lives. There's a popular belief that He made the world, the creatures, the people, His children and then sat back to watch how everything would work together. Why would He do that? He wouldn't. He intervened when the world became so corrupt that He had to send a flood to start it over. He intervened when the world needed a Savior and He sent His Son to live on this Earth for the sole purpose of dying for us. He will intervene when it's time for His Son to show up on Earth again.

God isn't standing back watching us like we're a rat in a maze trying to figure out our way around and laughing when we run into the same walls over and over or can't find the exit that has been in front of us the whole time. Sure, He lets things happen, but He also lets us live our lives. We do want free will, right?

At church tonight we watched a video that showed just how vast a universe our Creator made. It started with a view of the ground we were on, moved up to an airplane view, then an astronaut's view, then the view of the whole Earth, the view from the moon, the view from the sun, the view from the Milky Way, and finally the view from the galaxy that the Milky Way calls home.

To see the vast and complex galaxy/universe/world that He created and then to think that after He was done He created us is pretty sobering.

Then to realize that He puts value into each and every one of us more than the animals or oceans or planets or Milky Way or stars or anything else that He spent time creating is awe-inspiring.

And then to think about that value and how just as He choreographed the rotation and movement of the galaxy, He has planned each and every moment in my life is almost too much. He knows my thoughts, knows my heart, knows my desires and He cares. And I am just one of six billion people spinning in a galaxy of countless stars covering an area so big it's immeasurable.

So far, it has been a shaky, but beautiful, dance.

Driving home tonight, I thought back on the past year and could see where His hand was in each moment. Each hard time, each good time, and even in the times now where I'm not sure where He's leading me. Seeing the lightning in the sky light up the span of mountains reminded me of His workmanship and it moved me to tears because He is good. And His plan for me is good.

So, so good.
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  1. Great writing...and while you think it is taking you a long time to receive this message...you are really way ahead of most.

    We can not wrap our human brains around the vastness of God's love...so we must have faith.

    And you have a very strong faith.

    I am so proud to call you my daughter. Love, Mama

  2. Just so you don't sound uninformed in public...We are IN the Milky Way GALAXY, and that galaxy is one of many in our UNIVERSE, which is one of probably many UNIVERSES, which by the way is expanding slowly, which can be seen by the way the light bends around the dark matter and such...but yes..milky way galaxy, in the universe.

    sorry i know that wasn't the point, but it bothered me as much as my improper grammar and spelling bothers you.



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