The Story of Us: The first date according to him.

August 27, 2009

(Written by Chris)

So there we were finishing up the night on that Saturday and I was hearing, "We will see if you call." Sunday rolls around and in the afternoon I send a text to Jordan and tell her that I had a nice time hanging out the night before and it had been great to talk to her. I then proceeded to ask her if she was able to do something this week. She said she had a few nights open and I had plans a couple of those nights, so I asked about Monday.

The first official "date" was set. She had given me the time of day and we had the wheels in motion on this magical journey that we were about to embark on. Monday rolls around, the beginning of the week, and I actually have something to look forward to. I know, crazy. Through our text messages  Jordan  tells me that she would be home between 5 and 5:30 and so I give her a call shortly after she gets home to finalize some details and get the night started. As etiquette for any first date, I asked Jordan if she wanted me to meet her somewhere or if I should come pick her up. She stated that I could come pick her up, and already I felt that this was a good sign. When the time comes, I pick up Jordan and we proceeded to go to Four Peaks Brewery - a local beer manufacturer with history following this building in Tempe. Jordanhad never been there but had heard great things about this restaurant. So that is where it began.

I pick up Jordan and the way she looked when I picked her up was amazing in my eyes. She just looked like she was floating along. Her blond hair and her green eyes and her somewhat tattered jeans that she was wearing. It looked like a replica of something that I would wear. Not to mention she had these great sunglasses that made me smile when I saw her image coming towards me. She got in the 4Runner and we drove to Four Peaks. Many people might not necessarily live in moments like these, but when she climbed in the SUV, it just felt right, again. It was just the simplicity of the encounter, it was the simple fact that I was so happy to be taking Jordan on a date, and it felt like we were old friends just picking up where we left off. Just perfect if you ask me.

We arrive at Four Peaks and we sit at one of the many high top tables they have. The conversation continues like it never stopped. Somewhere in the midst of it all we ate food, but more so, our time just flowed like water. We talked about everything important and everything that wasn't so important, but still had significance among our date. It seemed like an instant connection and it felt like something I hadn't done in a number of tries, and Jordan was different. The great part was that I was sitting across from her and I got to look into her big green eyes; that was the coolest part of all. I'm not sure if she knows that until now.

For two and half hours we shared stories, we laughed, we listened, and we were in tune with one another, and it seemed like no one else was in the room, even though the place was packed. The time was going and finally I asked her if she wanted to continue hanging out that night and she agreed.

For a Monday night, we could have gone out to another place, but that isn't what I was feeling. It was more of a low key, let's just enjoy the company of one another and watch a movie. We go to Blockbuster and Jordan asks if I like scary movies. I get this big smile on my face, because I in fact love scary movies, always have and to know that she feels the same way that I do was perfect. Simple little things like this add up. We selected Saw III to watch and took the movie back to my place.

When the movie reaches the conclusion I drive Jordan back to her place, which is just a short distance from my house, and the car ride back was perfect. A few words said here and there, but overall a peacefulness among my thoughts, an excitement among my visions, and just overall contentment with how things went. It just felt right and it felt nice to meet someone like Jordan and have it go EXACTLY how I had envisioned it.
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