The Story of Us: The meeting according to him.

August 25, 2009

(Written by Chris)

It was another typical Saturday night out in Scottsdale, Arizona. The night started out with me and my friend going to a local establishment called Saddle Ranch - a place we have been to a number of times due to the fact that they play really cool music, and we can watch people make fools of themselves on the mechanical bull. So there we are hanging out, while waiting for another friend of ours and his girlfriend to come and meet up with us. T and C show up and we hang there for a bit, and then long story short, we felt that we should go to a different establishment. The overall "feel" wasn't really there.

I am standing there and I say that we should go to the Coach House. Everyone looks at me in amazement for the great ideas that I come up with and without any question we are all in consensus on the decision that I made. From my perspective, Coach House is a great place. It is low key, it's got history there, and it's relatively small, which makes the feel more genuine when you visit this place. We roll over to Coach House and the four of us grab a table outside on the patio and proceed to talk and mingle with each other.

Shortly after we get there, C, my friend T's girlfriend, goes inside and when she comes out she has a few other girls with her. She proceeds to tell us that these are some of the girls that she works with and we are all introduced. I initially start talking to one of the friends and at this point had only introduced myself to Jordan.

A few minutes into everything, Jordan and her friend go inside. I look to my friend and tell him to literally switch me spots so I can talk to  Jordan. They come back and at this point my friend and I had moved spaces so I was able to communicate with 
Jordan, rather than listening to him talk about himself the whole time. We are carrying on a good conversation for a period of time when I remember asking her, "What else do you do?" Jordan mentions that she just started getting involved in Young Life, which I am really familiar with through a number of events and activities that I used to help them out with. Finally, I could talk to someone about what I was about, or what I stand for, and not have some weird awkward feeling in my head. So we go on with the evening and the majority of our friends see that Jordan and I have initially "hit" it off and that there isn't a lack of conversation to be had.

Somewhere down the line, 
Jordan retreats to the bathroom and my friend comes up to me and starts asking questions, as he tends to do. I reveal to him, "There is something different about this girl." 

It wasn't the fact that she is strikingly gorgeous, or that she has sandy blond hair, or that she has green eyes, or that she has a great smile; it was something different. It was something deeper. Even though this was our first encounter, it was the fact that....she gets me. She understands who I am, she knows my heart, because we just happen to be going through the same life events and were tired of dealing with it all. We were tired of the chase, or the fight, or the mixed signals. We just wanted to be done with it all, but in my perspective, I felt that she was and is different.

She returns and we continue our conversation through the night. Towards the end we are all getting tired and we are all getting quiet, but business is not finished yet. As the male, I know that I am the individual who has to ask for the phone number, so I asked her, "Do you think we can hang out sometime?" She said sure and I proceeded to ask, "Can I get your phone number?". Then she did in fact say, "We will see if you actually call." This statement took me back a little bit. I said, "Of course I will call."

Pertaining to who I am, I would never ask a girl for her number without a direct intention of calling her. And this instance was no different. I think it's cheap when guys do. I do not like guys who satisfy their ego by boasting once they get a number while decreasing the ego of someone else. Take the step and follow through. And that is what I here we are. 

Apparently that might have been done to Jordan in the past, but I was not going to do it. I had every intention of calling and when she said, "We will see if you call," again, it made me think that her hopes were broken at one time, which I did not want to do.
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  1. Oh, The Boy....sometimes we feel a direct hit from God. With me, it was Will and now I guess I will have to add you.

    I am always aware of God but when he answers prayers we didn't even know we were praying....well...I call that a direct hit.

    I remember telling my skeptical daughter that maybe you were what she had been praying for. (and I had been praying for her, too.)

  2. This is just brother-in-law is awesome.

    (and yes, I may have told a stranger after a few too many drinks at Kilburns bar that one night in Houston that you were my brother in law..not long after the dinner at which I told our waiter that y'all just got married and so he brought y'all a cake and said "welcome to the family"...that was epic. don't deny that you loved it.)


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