The Honeymooners: Day one and two.

May 24, 2010

When it was time to pick out our honeymoon spot, I had one simple request.


Sand, water, sun, beach, relaxing, reading, sipping on drinks and doing nothing if I wanted to do nothing.

I got that in the form of an all-exclusive resort in Cancun. The food and drinks were all included and it was set on a private beach. This proved to be a huge plus since we vacationed with the entire population of crazy high schoolers who were taking advantage of the legal drinking age in Mexico. Yes, we made the trip during Spring Break Season.

We arrived in Cancun late afternoon and checked into our hotel. We were greeted immediately with a pina colada and were escorted to our room. It was in its own little spot right next to the beach. Walking into the huge, spacious room, we were ready to stay for a good month. However, we only had four days.

My new husband took pictures of the view.


It was an awful one, as you can plainly see. Blue water, white sand, clear skies.


Our room was amazing. The king sized bed made us jealous of our measly queen sized bed at home. Unless we were out of our room, we had the doors wide open and enjoyed the breeze and sound of the ocean. I have never slept so soundly.


The bathroom was incredible. The tub, the shower, all of it. Like I said, I really wanted to move in for at least a month.


On the second day we just stayed around the resort and soaked in the free food and drinks.


We made our way down to the beach, but didn't stay too long, as it was an unusually chilly day.


I enjoyed a good book laying in the sand while my husband braved the waters.




The next couple of days we actually got out of our hotel and were much more adventurous. Still enjoyed the sun and sand, but in a different way.

More on that soon.
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