June 13, 2010

Compromise is sitting with your husband on the couch for the last three hours watching his college baseball team in the playoffs.

Compromise is continuing to sit with your husband when the opposing team ties the game sending it into a tenth inning and an extra thirty minutes.

Compromise is still sitting (but not being so still anymore) with your husband while the game goes into an eleventh inning and another thirty minutes and it's already past 10:30.

Compromise is looking up at the DVR for the last 45 minutes knowing that the SEASON PREMIERE of Design Star is recording and you can't watch it just yet.

And when this game is called, compromise will be trying to pry my eyes open as I sit and watch Design Star no matter how late it is because it's what I've been waiting for all night.

Compromise will also be making my husband sit right next to me to watch it.

(How much do you want to bet that the eleventh inning won't be the last inning?)
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