One hundred days.

June 29, 2010

As of this past Sunday, we've been married one hundred days.

There have been over one hundred loving words shared (and maybe even one hundred not so loving words shared).

No fight has been left unaccounted for and no selfish action has been left without an apology.

Chores have been done together and most dinners have been eaten at the table together.

Nights have ended on a good note... and if not, it has been made the morning's first priority.

Quirks have been revealed and opinions have been noted.

Discussions have been open and hearts have been honest.

There have been moments we'd rather forget and moments that we want to hold onto for a lifetime.

And while it's only been one hundred days, it's been a huge transition full of stretching and growing and changing and loving. One day, I know we'll look back on these first one hundred days as the catalyst for our marriage.
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  1. Who's the most spoiled rotten? Team Chris or Team Jordan?


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