Joy comes.

August 03, 2010

Joy always comes.

It's not something you can always go looking for expecting to find and it isn't always tangible. But it does show up in the most mundane of moments when we least expect it.

Joy comes in the first sip of coffee in the morning, reading the last page of a now finished book and in an unusual cool breeze during a hot summer month.

Joy comes when my husband stops me in the bathroom just as I'm finishing getting ready for the night and we slow dance to a song on the iPod.

Joy comes through the fervent wagging of my dog's tail when I come home after being gone all day at work or even if I've just stepped out the door for a minute to check the mail.

Joy comes when I hear pounding on the kitchen counters because my husband decided the kitchen needed a deep cleaning or clanging of the pots because he wanted to cook this time.

Joy comes when the nesting birds on my back porch finally hatch and test out their vocal cords to wake me up in the morning, and again when they make their first leap of faith and fly into the adjacent tree.

Joy comes with the unexpected "I love you" from my husband's lips in the middle of watching a television show and the grabbing of my hand while we're out in a crowded room with friends.

Joy comes with the beauty of a rising sun and the splendor of a setting one, and the majestic daylight in between.

Joy comes through words on paper, colors on canvases, and thoughts expressed and heard to and from loved ones.

Joy comes.

Every day.

It's in the unexpected.

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  1. Um the one about him stopping you to dance might be the sweetest thing. ever.

  2. oooo.....I like the "words on paper, colors on canvas" remark! I just love to create something all my own!

  3. This was beautiful and made me smile :)
    Amazing how many joyful moments we can find in the day.


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