Single life re-do.

August 04, 2010

After graduating college and moving to Arizona all on my own, I lived by myself for two years. Two solid years that I wouldn't give back for anything.

While I dated off and on during this time, I was for the most part single. Everything that happened during those two years led me to where I am now - married and happy - so technically I wouldn't change a thing.

But, I did learn plenty along the way and I could have saved time, energy and heartbreak if I did things over.

I wouldn't question my gut and I'd go with my instincts.
I’d stay true to myself and my own heart before compromising it for someone else.
I would go out each time I was asked by girlfriends.
I'd cook myself dinner more often instead of always resorting to cereal or leftovers.
I would shake it off and cry a lot less tears.
I would never choose a worthless guy over a girlfriend.
I would put a lot more into savings and not get sucked into credit cards.

What did you learn or are currently learning in your single years that you'd do over?

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  1. Life is all about choices. Some are good and some are bad. But as long as we learn something, I think that is what is important. :)

  2. Oh sister, you hit 'em all! I think another thing I would've done is spend more time with my family. My parents lived 15 minutes away from me in college, then right after I zoomed away to California and now I hardly ever see them.

  3. I learned to appreciate my alone time and that life isn't all that bad when you're able to be your own boss. I wish I would have played more :)

    A Long Drive

  4. I would SO do the last one - put more in savings and leave the credit cards alone!!!

  5. I loved this. I haven't really ever been single, as I have been with my husband since we were 15. But since having a baby I have learned some things.

    I also don't ever turn down going out with girlfriends. I've learned to appreciate alone time, no baby, no husband. I am TRYING to learn to not only do things for my family, but also for myself, so I don't become one of "those" moms.


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