When words are not just words.

August 23, 2010

One major thing I've learned since being married, and I'm sure my husband would say the same, is that some words are not just words. They are much more than that and can take on a million different meanings depending on how you say them. Tone is big in our house.

Some words are especially not just words and we've learned to say some words as often as we can.

I love you...
...because you are good to me.
...because you love me.
...because you do all that you can to make sure I'm happy.

Because sometimes we just need to hear it. Even if it's the tenth time that day.

Thank you...
...for doing the dishes.
...for opening the door.
...for sticking up for me.

Because being appreciated and recognized by your spouse speaks volumes.

I'm sorry...
...for saying what I said.
...for doing what I did.
...for being a brat.

Because when there is something to be sorry about, those are the most important two words the other person wants to hear.

You're right...
...because I'm wrong.

Because sometimes, believe it or not, we are just plain wrong. Sometimes.

And we've learned that the quicker we say these words, the quicker our fights settle, our arguments cease, and our day moves on.

All because we just used our words.
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  1. Something else we learned about marriage words is not to use the following...

    ...interrupt me
    ...jump to the worst conclusions

    YOU NEVER...
    ...help out around the house
    ...rub my feet

    Always and never are dangerous because they are exclusive.

    Yay for proper communication! You'd think we'd have this down, you know, being Communication majors and all ;-) Riiiight!

  2. Very good post, Jordy! :)

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