My single days are over.

September 09, 2010

I'm twenty-five and married.

I spent the first half of my twenties being single and I'll spend the latter half being hitched. As a planner, I think it worked out just perfectly.

There are some days when I am itching for space or I am tired of living with a boy or I just miss my girlfriends that I long for those single days again. I lived by myself for two solid years before I met my now-husband and I wouldn't trade a second of that time.

I ate cereal for dinner because I didn't feel like cooking. I went out when I wanted to at the spur of the moment and came home when I wanted to, however late it was. If the bathroom was dirty, it was my mess. If the kitchen sink was full, they were my dishes. And if I felt like starting a painting project in the middle of the living room, I did.

These are all things I miss and things I don't have in common with my single friends anymore. There is someone else on my plate now. Someone else always on my mind. Someone else to share a mess with. Someone else to cook for. Someone else to come home to.

For all you single ladies out there, embrace your singlehood. Live it up for yourself. Be independent. Have your own place.

I love where my life is now, but it's because I got five full years of my twenties to live out my single life. On days when married life is tough, I look back on those days and am glad I can relive them, if only in my mind.

Because living with a boy is gross sometimes.
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  1. I'm with ya on this one! I miss the days where I ate whatever I could find for dinner instead of looking up recipes to cook. I miss having a dirty apartment and not having to worry about whether someone was going to see my mess. I miss hanging out on the couch on a Sunday afternoon reading and watching Lifetime movies!! But, I wouldn't trade hubs for the world.

    BTW, I promise I know more than 3 letter words on Words with Friends - my letters just suck right now! LOL

  2. Hi! I'm here from Mama Kat's Workshop. I totally hear you! Being married is a whole other world than being single (throw in a kid or two in the mix and you've got a whole other crazy!). I miss being able to lose myself in a book, or go out with my friends on a whim, or take loooooong showers!

    And you're right, living with a boy is gross sometimes! LOL.

  3. I remember the freedom of it all...

    But if I think about it long enough I remember how lonely I got those nights I missed my parents 1100 miles away. Or panicked at the thought of having no one to check my outfit before I walked out into the world!!!
    But...when the kids are all in bed and hubs works late, I pretend its just me and my sketch pad, TV, ice cream, and good book again. We do love each other sooo dearly!

  4. Oh please, you still eat cereal for dinner. :)

  5. You can rest assured, big sister, that I'm taking full advantage of my single years. It's spontaneous, full of adventures, structureless, and free, but quite often lonely.

    So you shouldn't miss it too much.


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