Content in the waiting.

September 13, 2010

The other night we got into a talk about our future. That scary, but exciting, but scary, unknown.

We're in a position in this wonderful housing market where we are slightly stuck. Not that we were planning to up and leave tomorrow, but our plan to up and leave eventually may have been extended.

And the last thing I want to feel is stuck.

I told my husband that regardless of the housing market or our situation, I never want to feel like our life can't move forward. And he assured me it wouldn't be that way. He assured me that God's plan would prevail and we can't get in the way of that. I crave assurance, by the way.

I told him that in this house we are in now - all thirteen hundred square feet of it - I want our life to continue. I don't want to wait to do life when the bigger house comes along with the two car garage and the backyard for Mia and the larger kitchen and the multiple bedrooms and the separate office. All of those things we dream about and long for, but we can't live our life waiting for the bigger and better. I want to do life today, every day, together, in our home, crowded and all.
And being content in the waiting is hard when you know the bigger and better is right around the corner is hard.

Being content in my small kitchen is hard when I open a cabinet and Tupperware falls out because there just isn't room for all of it.

Being content with letting Mia out for the fifth time that night is hard when we wish we could just open the door and let her play for hours on end in a fenced in yard.

Being patient with having my closet in the office that I really want to be a craft room is hard because it doesn't seem like there is an order to anything.

But I know that one day, when we have what we are waiting and longing for, we will look back at our life now, and know that our patience paid off and God's plan for our life did prevail.

So I can be content in that.

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  1. contentment is so often the most difficult thing to attain. but i know it is also extremely important. we are doing our best to be patient and content with where are right now. it's not easy, but i know that, just like you, our waiting and patient will allow God's plan to prevail.

  2. ah yes, contentment...

    great post. thanks for the reminder. :)


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