The first Christmas.

January 05, 2011

Christmas always falls right smack in between the craziness of my job and I always do my best to just take the day off and relax even though my mental to-do list is racking up my brain. This time, however, it worked. I really did just relax.

We started the morning with a breakfast for champions. We were determined to make it better than last year's Christmas morning breakfast where we forgot pancake mix until the night before and had to purchase the overpriced product at a 24-hour Walgreen's and then proceeded to burn every last one until we had no breakfast and had to settle on the least burnt ones if we wanted to eat. This year, we nixed pancakes and settled on eggs and biscuits.

We had our coffee out of our brand new Keurig machine courtesy of my grandmother who sent us Christmas money. I convinced Chris that we should invest in something we can use together and then the stars aligned at the right moment and he agreed with me about buying the Keurig. I got online and purchased it before he could change his mind.

Mid-morning, we huddled in front of the Christmas tree Mr. Rogers-style and prepared to Skype with my family 2,000 miles away in Texas. They opened presents, we opened presents, Mia tried to attack every present, and it was proven that even six somewhat-grown adults just can't sit still and give undivided attention, even on Christmas. My dad managed to capture our only family picture we had that day.

Chris and I exchanged presents as well. I had given him a list that said: Kindle, gift cards. When he would ask for more ideas, I wouldn't give him any, because that is all that was on my list. Sure enough, I was blessed to receive a Kindle and cannot wait until I have time to use it for more than wondering what the pretty screensaver is going to be when I turn it off and on.

Chris' list was more extensive because I forced him into it. I was the shopper for my sister, sister-in-law and myself, not to mention his birthday had just happened 12 days prior. I needed lots of ideas. He received a Fossil watch that was almost the exact replica of the watch I got for him last Christmas that he misplaced/lost/inadvertently sat down and never picked up just half a year after he received it. This is the last watch he will get from me unless I run out of ideas for next year and I need something easy that I know he'll love. He also received one of these calendars for his office which I think is a great gift if you're looking for one.

We sat around for the next few hours until we had to actually get out of our pajamas and get ready for the day mid-afternoon. We ventured over to his brother's house where our only assignment was to bring wine. The night before, we had gone out to the store and bought five bottles of wine. I also threw in some dessert because I felt the need to bring something more solid. About five minutes before we arrived at their house, a revelation came to me and I visualized all of the wine sitting on our kitchen counter that we had forgotten. Walgreen's came to the rescue yet again and we stopped and accepted the fact that we were buying more wine on top of the wine we already have. The bright side is that we still had five bottles waiting for us at home that were all ours and that we wouldn't have to share. Selfishly, it worked out well.

The evening was spent eating, drinking, eating, drinking, opening more gifts, enjoying family and the meaning behind Christmas. I'll nix the part where I became extremely homesick at one point on the drive home, because that was just messy. Being my fourth Christmas away from family, it doesn't get easier like you think it would.

And by the way, the entire night I had my camera ready to get a good picture of us all dressed up nice on our first Christmas. It never happened, so the pre-makeup and pre-showers one up there will have to do.

Our first Christmas was memorable and a good start to many more to come. I hope yours was blessed as well.

Wine, anyone?
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