An anniversary weekend.

March 29, 2011

We spent Saturday, March 19 through Tuesday celebrating us. Through the ups and the downs and the transitions and the changes, we made it through our first year. That, folks, is something worth celebrating.

First thing Saturday, our official one year anniversary, we headed off to enjoy a relaxing, delicious breakfast. That was until the service was so unbelievably awful that it kind of put a kink in the morning. If I were to order waffles for $8, and when you brought out my husband's food, you then informed me you were out of waffles, so I instead ordered the $7 pancakes, would you then charge me for the $8 waffles and argue that I had to pay for it when I never even got the waffles? Apparently a certain waitress at a certain restaurant that we will certainly never visit again thought so. And poor Chris tried to eat as slow as possible while I waited a lifetime for my waffles or pancakes or whatever I ended up getting.

Post breakfast we took Mia to dog training. Nothing says romantic like a little one-on-one time together with your dog (and five others) in the middle of PetSmart. We took her on a walk up and down the aisles training her to stop when we stopped and so on. Romantic walk? Check.

And then, as he had eluded to the past week, Chris surprised me. Typically, he's not very good at surprising me. I'll just be honest. It's a combination of me asking too many questions and him being too excited to keep his mouth shut. I've learned to keep my mouth shut so he can genuinely surprise me when he has something up his sleeve. I was told a time to be ready to leave the house and when that time came, he informed that we were going to see the Body Worlds exhibit downtown.

Who says plasticized bodies can't muster up those feelings of romance? We even saw a real heart. Does that count?

I couldn't get pictures of those said bodies due to some $500,000 copyright infringement fine they warned me about when they saw my camera. That creepy, welcoming eye at the front of the exhibit will have to suffice.

After our self-guided tour, Chris took us to a new Italian restaurant my friend Ginger and her husband had recommended to us. It is a quaint, family-owned restaurant just north of downtown Phoenix.

The owner was even so kind as to give us a champagne toast on the house.

When we got home, we pulled out our original wedding cake's top tier which had been nesting in the freezer for the past year. The hotel staff had wrapped it so well that even the green polka dots hadn't gotten too squished. I was honestly concerned about the polka dots.

It was surprisingly good and we ate it on our couch with Mia while watching House Hunters.

That's how we do romantic.
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  1. Real hearts, champagne, and cake - romantic win! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! I always wondered if those top tiers would last!

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