Vacation Day Four & Five: Shopping, eating and beaching.

July 15, 2011

On Tuesday, those who were less than a year out of college left to go back to their respective towns and six of us were left: my mom, dad, Chip, Debbie, and of course, the two of us.

My mom, Debbie, Chris and I spent the afternoon at the outlet malls while simultaneously feeling disgusted about the outcome of the trial that had come to a close as we ordered our lunch. Being in Florida during the Casey Anthony trial was interesting because everyone was into it and it was on every channel. The whole thing made me sad.

In an effort to not dwell on the trial all day, I did what I do best and shifted my focus to the incredible sales going on in all of the shops around us thanks to a red, white and blue holiday. The Coach outlet had a purse on sale and then on sale again and then on sale again, which means I am now the proud owner of my first Coach purse that was cheap in comparison at over 75% off. Throw in a couple of cheap Gap shirts and some shorts, athletic pants and shorts (to lounge in as opposed to being athletic in) courtesy of a Nike gift card that I had found tucked in my wallet, and cheap new flip-flops, I left the outlet that day spending no more than $100 on my bag of souvenirs.

We left the outlets with little energy left and went back to our beach house to watch the trial replay about seventeen times. When our brains had gone numb, the three remaining couples went to dinner at an urban restaurant, Fire. Once I got over the fact that they ran out of chicken (because who runs out of chicken?), we spent the evening sipping wine, eating good food and playing the question game. After dinner, we took a golf cart to Sandestin where we walked around the lit paths and sipped margaritas on a bar patio.

Wednesday would be our last full day at the beach, so we made sure to really soak it in. If I was physically able, I would strongly consider just living in the ocean for the rest of my life.

That afternoon, once we repeated the shower-off-the-sand-and-change process one last time, we drove to Seaside, which you might recognize from the Truman Show.

(As an avid non-lover of seafood, we did not actually eat at the Shrimp Shack. But I'm sure Chris would have made his way back there to grab some crispy, fried shrimp if the time allowed.)

We walked around the cute town and stopped in all of the markets with their baked goods and eclectic collection of wine calling my name. I determined I could live in Seaside indefinitely if my husband would be okay with the long distance thing.

Once the sun started going beneath the horizon, we settled at a rooftop bar where the conversation, drinks and relaxing continued.

(Five points if you can guess who this is.)

The night ended with an outdoor concert and a sampling of baked goods from the market we had been to earlier in the day. 

Thank you, Seaside. And yes, I think we will.

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