Vacation Day Six & Seven: A taste of New Orleans.

July 18, 2011

On the Thursday of the vacation week, we left our beach house in Florida and drove down the coast to New Orleans. This was our night's pit stop as the halfway mark to my parents' house in Houston.

We walked along the Riverwalk that ran along the mighty Mississippi, a river my dad grew up on. Chris was much more enthused by this sight than we were because this was all normal to us and they just don't do rivers in Arizona. Or barges, bridges and cruise ships, for that matter.

When we could pull him away form the muddy water, we ate at Crazy Lobster and walked the streets.

No trip to New Orleans is complete without a walk down Bourbon.

I'll spare you most of the sights and focus on one of the best parts of the night: the street band.

(This was not her child, but the child's mom just looked on adoringly.)

Dancing and drinking in the streets, with no concept of time or personal space.

We made a late night stop at Krystal Burgers, specifically because of their one-of-a-kind burgers and the fact that it held one of the only public restrooms. After a quick stop, we made our way down the busy streets back to our hotel. (That is after a minor argument about which way was the right way and a lot of extra walking when we were a block away the entire time. But I digress.)

The next morning, we checked out of our hotel and spent our morning in the French Quarter for beignets and more sights. Note to all those who may go to Cafe du Monde in the future: one order of beignets is plenty. There was a little misunderstanding among the travelers and we ended up with an entire bag to go (which actually wasn't a bad thing).

When we asked Chris what he expected to see in New Orleans, he said, "Balconies." I'm glad he had low expectations, because that was easily met.

The drive back to Houston was filled with naps and cold beignets. We spent one last night together as a family and satisfied my never-ending Tex-Mex craving.

(Blake - the sister's boyfriend, Cameron, Chris, me, Will)

The next day would be our last day of vacation.

For another take on this vacation, with extra pictures and memories, you can read my mom's version.

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