We are officially renters.

July 28, 2011

There's a freedom in saying that, because renting is temporary. We're not stuck there long-term. We didn't have to come up with a big down payment. We don't have to worry about the housing market going up and down, determining the value of our house. The outdated kitchen and bathrooms are just fine because instead of being another project to fix, they just add character. It's just a rental and it's our new home for the next two years.

We have spent the last month looking at houses every day and every night. They all blurred together and we saw them all. We saw houses that had blue carpet in desperate need of replacing. We saw houses that smelled like a mixed concoction of smoke and dog "accidents". We saw houses with astroturf covered patios. Oh, wait. That was all in one house. (I have a feeling they might have a hard time renting it.)

We saw houses with gorgeous kitchens, but with rock backyards, and ultimately, the needs of Mia were put first. We saw houses in the perfect location, but just a tad too small for our needs (and Chris' truck). We saw houses that blew us away, but were well above our budget and we had to stick to our plan (though it was tempting). We saw house after house and I kept getting discouraged thinking it would never come.

But on Tuesday, as I was perusing for houses, a new one popped up that we hadn't seen yet and I called right away to set up an appointment to see it. Chris was going biking with his brother that night, but his brother was caught up with work and had to cancel, so Chris was able to meet me there. Thank goodness.

When we walked in, I knew we were set. The neighborhood was quiet and tucked away. Every wall was painted a warm sandy color. The backyard had been freshly landscaped with grass. The house had tile throughout and the bedrooms were carpeted. It was $100 less than what we had budgeted. It had a two-car garage and storage galore. And it had four walls that were not connected to anyone anywhere which meant we had privacy.

We were told that if we were interested, we needed to decide right away. There was someone else interested, too, and they were going to decide that night who was going to get the house. We submitted our application to rent and then waited patiently for a very long three hours. Thankfully, after the last house flopped on us, we were able to secure our background checks and credit reports. This new house would accept those files which would speed up the process and save us $80 in application fees.

At about 9:30 on Tuesday night, we were sent the lease. And at 6:00 last night, we went to the house to officially sign the line.

The blessings that are so evident in this situation don't escape us. The cheaper rent. The large backyard. The great location. Oh, and they are giving us the keys on August 1, but only making us pay half of the rent in August. The savings.

I am so thankful for a plan. And a house. And the orange tree in the backyard that will be all ours.

And I am more than thankful for those of you that have prayed on our behalf.

Thank you.
It worked.

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