Year twenty-six.

August 11, 2011

Today, at approximately 9:23 a.m. Texas-time, I turned twenty-six years old.

Year twenty-five was a year of change. Lots and lots of change. Change in my marriage. Change within my job. Change in our housing situation. Change with friends. Change within myself. Change for my life path.

And while I wish I could say it was all good, welcome and easy change, it all came with a bit of anxiety and transition that I had to overcome. But in the end, I am better for it.

So, year twenty-six is being welcomed with very open arms because I need the fresh start. The new number. The new year.

And so my birthday wish, if I were to blow out cyber candles right now, is just that. A fresh start, a new beginning, a welcome change for the good.

Hopefully it still comes true even though I said it out loud... 

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