The Rental: Living room.

October 26, 2011

The living room is the first room you walk into from the first door.

We started with our couch set with it's lovely matching pillows courtesy of the furniture store and a vintage coffee table and end table set. The dusty, musty curtains came with the rental and stayed put until we could replace them. It's a great, big window up front and we didn't really want to get to know the neighbors that well yet.

After we got settled in, we made some changes.

We got rid of those nasty curtains as soon as my parents came in town. My mom had the genius (and cheap) idea of getting canvas drop cloths from Lowes, washing them in lots and lots of fabric softener, and then hanging them with clips, creating a ruffle on the top.We added a sheer to create a little more privacy and they've been a perfect addition to the room.

Two of the W's on the wall are from Hobby Lobby, as is the shelf and most of the picture frames. The dog was not paid to pose, but just likes to be in every single picture I take (as you'll soon see). The piece of art has been with me since my college days simply because I don't think I'll ever fall out of love with those colors. You can find a similar one here at Cost Plus.

I found some napkins at Cost Plus in my favorite color ever. Trusting that Chris would get past the bright colors and floral print, I bought eight of them on sale and sent them to my mom to make some pillow covers to replace the drab and scratchy throw pillows that came with the couch. The white "one" pillow is from Pottery Barn and was on our wedding registry list, and sadly, it looks like they don't carry it anymore. We matched the new custom pillows with some velvet ones, also found at Cost Plus.

This room was not complete until we got the coffee table and end table painted. The coffee table and end table were just sitting outside a local Urban Outfitters one day. They were marked $50 for the set and I had been looking for furniture to specifically paint for a while. Once I saw them, they were sold and I called Chris to pull up his truck. When it came time to paint, we chose what I thought was a solid black, but it ended up being a more of a dark charcoal color.

I found this green knob at Anthropologie when it was on sale for only $2. You can find similar ones here. (Make sure to check out the sale section, too.)

As for the other side of the room, or the side of the room we stare at as we sit on the couch and chair you just saw, it started out as a mess. (Oh, look, there's Mia.)

After begging Chris to please get those wires situated and hidden, we were able to sit back and relax.

The T.V. unit is part of my bedroom set. I've carried this with me through my many apartments. Before my first apartment, my mom spray-painted some plain wooden knobs black (found at any craft store) and it changed up the look a bit.

We added a few more finishing, home-like touches and considered it done. For now.

So that's our living room, our main room, our relaxation room, and our hang-out-and-chat room.

Is there anything I missed that you want to know where it came from? Comment away.

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