The Rental.

October 25, 2011

Back in August, we upped and moved an entire mile up the road to a rental house. We signed an agreement to live in this quaint home for two years and then loaded up my husband's truck night after night to make the slow move in the 115 degree weather.

I made Chris swear on our marriage that we will only higher movers from this point forward.

The move has been welcomed. The street is quieter. Mia has her own backyard (and so will we when the weather is cool enough to enjoy it. Yes, it's October. Yes, it's still steaming hot.). The space is bigger. We have our very own driveway and are not sharing parking spaces with the rest of the neighbors. And the list could go on.

I have only lived in rentals my post-move-out-parents'-house-life. Chris, on the other hand, has never lived in a rental. He stayed with his parents through college, then bought a townhouse right after. I am used to the limited painting options, the deal-with-it fixer uppers and the ugly-kitchens-but-I'll-make-it-work type apartments. So when we first moved into this place, I had to remind Chris constantly that this is just temporary. Anything we put into this place, stays with this place. Instead, we should try to save up for our future place that we will hopefully own. So that automatic garage door and upgrading those electrical outlets? We just have to deal.

Fortunately and thankfully, this house was fully painted. Every room in this place is painted a neutral tan color. White walls are my nemesis and when we started looking at rentals, I was crossing my fingers that we would get a house that was already painted. And we got just that. In a rental, walls that are already painted are a huge plus and it makes the place feels a little more like home.

This week and into the next, I'll give you a sneak peek into our living room, dining room and kitchen. Once we get our act together and get a second bed and stop sleeping in our own guest room, I'll show you the guest room and master bedroom. And once we clean up the office, I'll show you that, too. (There's a chance that could never happen.) And once we add a few finishing touches to the backyard, we'll throw that on the list.

So come on in. You're always welcome here.

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