The Rental: Dining Room.

November 01, 2011

The next room we needed to accomplish after the living room was the dining room. It's our only dining area and it sits just past the living room, a clear view from the front door.

When we first moved in, it was our catch-all room. It's a really big space for just being a dining area, so it had plenty of room for all of our boxes, bikes and items that were waiting for a room, shelf, or cabinet to call home.

But after we cleaned it up and found a home for all of the stuff, it became an actual dining space.

The dining set was one of our first purchases as a married couple. It was cheap, cheap, cheap at a small furniture store and has worked great for our little family of two. One day I'd like to upgrade so we can entertain more than just two friends at a time, but for now, it works.

On the table:
We picked up the place mats at Ikea for just $3 a setting.  The red candle is a favorite from Crate & Barrel and the vase is a project I made on a girls' night with Ginger. The flowers that day were from my husband who stopped at the store on the way home. (Chris, if you're reading this, I'll take some more.)

The floating shelf is from Ikea and is exactly what I envisioned to accompany this mirror from Ikea that was also one of our first purchases when we got married. It allowed me to add pictures and pops of color in this open space. The black and white check plate is one of my favorite pieces and was a gift from my mom from Mackenzie Child's.

This built-in cabinet is storing all of our miscellaneous kitchen and dining items, but with it's glass front showing everything inside, it was making the room look cluttered and was an eyesore. I went into my craft closet and pulled out a few pieces of scrapbook paper, taped it to the inside, and the cabinet is now completely covered up. I then changed out the worn brass knob with a little black knob we found at Ikea to clean up the look a bit.

Who wants to come over for dinner? We'd love to have you.

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