The Rental: Guest Room.

January 26, 2012

It's about time I finish up the tour of this rental house. I'd like to say it's taken so long due to the massive stretch between the four wings or the fact that I just can't seem to fill all seventeen bedrooms. It's simply due to the last six months being a bit preoccupied and the only rooms gaining attention have been those that are visible to the public eye and can't be hidden behind a closed door. I've got the kitchen, guest bedroom, office and our bedroom left. The office may be a work in progress until we move again. Our bedroom has one final touch that I'd like to wait for before I show it to you. And the kitchen just has to stay clean for ten minutes so I can take decent pictures. That seems to be impossible.

If you need to catch up, check out the dining room and the living room.

Today I will finally introduce to you the guest bedroom.

When we moved in, we used this room as our bedroom. Our goal was to eventually get a new bed for ourselves and to use the current one in the guest bedroom. Instead of having to move that bed twice, we opted to just leave it in the guest bedroom and be guests in our own house for a while.

It was like living in unsettled chaos for four long months because we didn't end up getting the new bed until the end of November. That's when the transformation began.

The guest room also hosts Chris' closet, so before these pictures were taken I had to shove a few of his clothing remnants into the said closet. During the process of sprucing up this room, I realized I had a lot of black and white stuff. Like, a lot. This room became the perfect place to put all of it together to create a theme, if you will let me call it that.

The bed and end table have belonged to me since high school. You might remember the dresser that we use in our living room? That belongs with this set as well. The black dresser belongs to Chris and is from Ikea. That's kind of where the black and white theme started. It drove me crazy that a black dresser had to go in the same room as white furniture. (And yes, it bothered me for weeks on end until I figured out a solution. I have a problem.) Combine that with all of the black and white stuff and call it a room.

On the table:
The frame you see is actually an album gifted to me by one of my mom's sweet friends on my wedding day. It's from Mackenzie Child's. The initial plate is from Hobby Lobby.

On the walls:
The initials are ones that I have collected over the last two years. The frame was gifted to my by one of my closest friends. She found it on Etsy. Funny thing is, I got her almost the same exact print. Great friends think alike. The plates were from a home decor store and have been stored away for quite a bit now waiting for me to find a place for them. The bird art is from Brittany and the other items were all gifts.

The pillow on the rocking chair was handed down to me from my mom. The rocking chair itself was actually used when I was a baby. Mia got a hold of the legs, but with a little sanding, it will be brand new again. For the pillows on the bed, I bought cheap black pillow cases from Ikea. And by cheap, I mean they were six bucks for the pair. I then found some black and white ribbon that I simply hot glued to the front and back of the cases. The entire project - pillows included - cost $18.

This black and white bookcase was a find at Ikea a few years ago and I haven't seen it since. When I was panicking about the mismatched furniture, it was this piece that saved the day. I originally wanted it in our office, but it merged the black dresser and white bed and made me feel like the room was a little more put together. It stayed.

Who wants to be our first real guest?
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