Eliminating hurry.

February 23, 2012

I entered this Lenten season knowing I needed to sacrifice something. As Christians, we sacrifice because Jesus first sacrificed His own life. And as we near Easter Sunday and celebrate His coming back to life, we walk the path of sacrifice with Him. I've done it all: chocolate, cheese, cokes, all desserts, the like. About halfway through March, I've failed. I snuck in a piece of candy. I just had to have that Dr. Pepper. I accidentally ate a Dorito.

This season, I wanted to sacrifice something in the sense of 
gaining. I wanted to sacrifice in order to gain - not for myself, but for Him. So, I decided to sacrifice my time. I decided that my alarm would go off an hour earlier than normal and I would start my day with God.

I determined my sacrifice would be time over the last couple of weeks as I've mentally and spiritually prepared myself for the act of waking up earlier than normal. I am not a morning person. I cherish sleep. I love my bed. I give dirty looks to the sun coming through my window.

I went to an Ash Wednesday service last night and the pastor said something that stopped me in my busy tracks (as I was undoubtedly thinking of everything that had to be done when I got home):

Ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.

It stopped me in my tracks again just as I typed it. I live at a hurried pace, constantly going, going, going. And after all of that going, where do I find my completion? In a blog post. In a signed editing contract. In an hour with friends. In a television show. In a restaurant with my husband. In that extra hour of sleep.

She went on to say that we eliminate hurry from our lives to make space for God. He can't come in where He isn't wanted. While He is God and could if He wanted, He isn't going to invade our space if we haven't made any space for Him specifically. He's respectful that way. We've got to step aside, set time aside, and let Him do His thing.

The problem in all of this is that I always stay busy. I thrive off of the busy in my life. I divide my time up among work, friends, family, my husband, the dog, blogging, editing, church, Bible study, and making sure dinners are cooked and the house is in a livable condition. The last two usually fall off the wagon first. After all of that, there is barely enough time for Him. Shouldn't that come first? So I'm putting it first

I am ruthlessly eliminating hurry from my life. 

I am slowing down. 

I am stepping aside. 

I am setting time aside. 

And in all of that, I am praying He will fill the space.

How are you celebrating this Lenten season?

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