A promise through pictures.

April 18, 2012

We had our pictures taken about two and a half years ago. I bought a new dress. He bought a new tie. He promised to love me forever, I promised to love him forever back, and he put a ring on my finger. His future best man snapped a few photos of us, newly engaged and ready for the next phase.

We had our pictures taken about two years ago. I bought a new dress. He bought a new suit. He promised in sickness or health, for better or worse, in good times and bad, and I promised back and put a ring on his finger. His best man stood beside him as we became newly wed, ready for the next phase.

We had our pictures taken just a couple of weeks ago. I bought a new dress. He ironed a couple of his shirts. A friend I met through blogging, Michelle, met us to take a few photos of two people inching out of the newlywed phase, far beyond the people they were in the former two photos.

A promise made on the wedding alter is a promise made without knowing what's coming. When you make the promise, it's huge because you're promising with your eyes closed to the future. There's hope, expectations, and a platform of trust, so you just go for it.

We went for it. We promised.

To have

and to hold

from this day forward

for better

for worse

for richer

for poorer

in sickness

or in health

to love

and to cherish.

I will care for you

honor you

and protect you

now and forever. 

I promise.

{All photography via Michelle Koechle Photography.}

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  1. What beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing them.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's!

  2. That was absolutely beautiful!! What a gorgeous couple you two are.

  3. That was gorgeous! Killer dresses and that last picture was my favorite. This was a really nice take on this prompt.

  4. Thats one good lookin couple!!!!

  5. So beautiful!
    I love what you said about the vows we make on our wedding day.
    I cry at every wedding now because I know how much beauty lies ahead of the couple. So much beauty, and they have no idea just yet. Isn't that exciting and amazing?!




  6. The picture after "in health", the look on Chris' face.. classic Whitlach face! Love it. Very sweet post. :)

  7. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL post and equally as gorgeous photos! The longer you are married the easier AND harder it gets. It is a constant work in progress, always always always. (As my Grandfather who was married for 50+ years before my Grandmother died has told me.) May you be blessed with many many more than that. :)

  8. Love these! My personal fav is the color shot above "I will care for you" - but they are all great!

  9. I love this!!! These photos of ya'll are amazing. You always have the cutest outfits on too.

  10. beautiful pictures...all these are priceless!
    i can't imagine some years down the road when u guys look back at the pictures and reminiscent how both of u met...
    i would have shed happy tears by then


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