Finding the balance.

June 28, 2012

As women, I feel like we tend to try and take everything on at once. Today, I'm inviting Bethany in to share how she finds the balance in her life. You can head over to her blog and see my answer to the question as well!

Hey there!  I'm Bethany from Happy Homemaker Me

I'm the daughter of a God who loves irony.  This week, as I've been writing this post over and over in my head, the God who took Zechariah's mocking, whiny mouth and made him mute until after his son, John the Baptist, was born, reminded me that balance is something that is not easily attained in my life right now.  

In the past twelve months, I've gone from being a full-time teacher to a work-from-home new mommy to our sweet Kayleigh Grace.  Now that it's summer, I've been able to toss the job hat for a few months and purely be a wife and mom.  I'm loving it!

Even though I thought life as a SAHM would be so much easier now that I'm not balancing work on top of it, God has reminded me this week that that isn't always true.  

This week, my sweet munchkin is getting two new teeth (or maybe four, or maybe all of them are coming in at once!  I don't know; my poor baby is just miserable).  This week, instead of having a day for washing the whites and a day for scrubbing the kitchen floors, I have spent every moment that Kayleigh is awake holding her and soothing her.  Everything else has been put on the back burner.  And while I stressed about this post and wondered how on earth I was going to share with all of you about how I've got it figured out and pretend that my life is perfectly balanced, I couldn't actually get to writing it.  Sometimes, there's no balance in life except for what's right in front of you.  

This week's focus was making Kayleigh feel loved.  There are piles of clean laundry heaped back in their baskets waiting to be folded, and I'm pretty sure something spilled in my fridge during a frantic search for something cold for Kayleigh to snack on.  It all just has to wait.  During weeks like these, there's only so much you can do.  {For the record, I hate teething!  It's the only thing that takes my precious, happy girl and turns her into a pitiful, feverish little mess who can only sleep for 10 minutes at a time for 3 straight days.  Teething should be banned--their gummy, toothless smiles are so much cuter, anyway!}

It's easy to feel like I've failed this week.  But at the same time, I think I've struck gold on something.  My priorities in life are God and my loved ones, and this has definitely been a week of spending time with them.  Many an extra prayer has been whispered that God would take away Kayleigh's pain and bring the teeth in quickly, lots of cuddling, singing, and dancing with my sweet girl has taken place, and by the end of the day when Handsome Man comes home from working at church, the laundry hasn't been the first thing on either of our minds.  

Sometimes, God uses irony to give us a loving nudge, and this week, I've learned my lesson.  My well-scheduled life is not in my hands, but I'm much happier to leave it in His.

Now it's your turn!  Write a post about how you find the balance between responsibilities and joys in your life and link up below.

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