Organizing Life: A catch-all spot.

June 19, 2012

Some days, I feel like our entire house becomes a catch-all spot. We used to dump everything on our dining room table as we came into the house: purse, keys, sunglasses, mail, books, and shopping bags. Then, I found an inexpensive mail sorter and a neat wooden bin to try to catch everything.

It worked for a while, but then I noticed some problems. First, the bins were too small and would fill up within just a few days. Second, the open bin revealed our mess and I felt like I had to keep that clean, too.

Recently, I solved both problems. I found a cute mail sorter at a discount store that had three bins: one for me, one for Chris, and one for us. The "us" includes coupons, dinner deals and grocery ads. I also found a wicker basket at a garage sale with a lid where I could store some necessities: extra sets of keys, pens and pencils, and scissors. I keep a pad of paper off to the side to capture any notes or messages.

Now we just have to really break the habit of dumping everything on the dining room table. And kitchen counter. And coffee table.

How did the challenge go for you this week? Link up!

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  1. Wow, you are really inspiring me!!! Now I think I'll check out the thrift stores to see what I can find - our front hall 'catch all' space drives me crazy. Let's see if I can fix it and come back and link-up! Praying for favor (and creativity) from the Lord!!

  2. Perfect! You have all week, so just come back and show us what you did. :)

  3. marciehobbies.comMarch 8, 2013 at 11:43 AM

    HI, Marcie I saw your blog on Arizona bloggers network.  I love this! I'm always trying ways to organize my mail, it's always an endless pile of paper.  Definitely  feel motivated to organize my mail clutter.
    thanks! and p.s. I like your print art


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