Organizing Life: The pantry.

July 17, 2012

This week, I organized my pantry. 

One day, I will have a real pantry with a door, shelves and light. Until then, I am making do with our kitchen cabinets. We have quite a bit of storage in our kitchen, so we keep our main food in these kitchen cabinets and extra boxes of foods like cereal and crackers in a separate cabinet that isn't so convenient. It works.
I went through each shelf and rid of any expired items and empty boxes. Our top shelf holds all of our snacks. Chris, being tall, can easily access these treats. I have a bit more of a stretch. I wanted to create a system for all of the snacks to make it easy for both of us.
I found these small plastic baskets in the Target dollar aisle - two for $2.50. I am sure you can get them even cheaper at the Dollar Store. I added some labels and sorted the snacks.


Much easier to grab and go!


How did you do? Link up your post below!

Let's organize life.

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  1. Looks great!! I love those little baskets - so useful!

    After traveling for the past three weeks, I am happy to be back home and ready to get organizing again! Can't wait to link up later this week.

  2. That looks great! It's always nice to be able to see what is in there already.

  3. Lauren {at} Life.Love.LaurenMarch 8, 2013 at 11:44 AM

    That looks like something I should be doing! haha! Your before looks like my pantry when I have "organized it". Newest follower! Found you through AZBN! <3


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