Guest Blogger Charity: A change will do you good.

August 13, 2012

Hi, I'm Charity a.k.a. Cherrybear from Thoughts and Ramblings of a Crazy Person. I'm a blogger in the Midwest and I write about anything and everything! I have randomly weird things happen to me and I embarrass myself quite frequently. I've got some big changes coming in my life right now so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

My name is Charity and I hate change.

I thrive on routine; I thrive on the same routine day in and day out. I do the same exact thing every morning down to the minute. If something happens that disrupts my schedule I feel like my whole day is shot and I'm in a cranky mood.

Right now I find myself in the midst of huge changes in my life, and yet I am calm. Peaceful even.

After working in the professional world for six years full-time after college, I have taken a huge leap of faith and quit my full-time job that I have been at for the past three years to pursue my dream and ultimate life goal of teaching piano.

Let's rewind, shall we?

Twelve years ago this Midwestern farm girl left the safety of the cows and hay bales, and moved fourteen hours away to a small town in Florida to pursue an degree in Music Education. I studied Music Education at Pensacola Christian College for three years until I realized I really did not want to teach in a school setting.

I moved back to Indiana and got a degree in Office Administration. After I graduated, I worked in some offices before landing at two different positions in higher education. I began to think that maybe I would like to teach at the community college I worked at in the business department. However, to do so would require two more degrees on my end and I really wasn't up to more college classes after earning 1.75 degrees (as I like to say).

A year and a half ago I was approached by a family friend who asked if I could teach her daughters how to play the piano. I agreed and I started meeting them once a week at their church for lessons. (I was in a small one bedroom apartment with no room for a piano!) As I got to know her daughters and they got to know the piano, I discovered something.

I absolutely LOVE teaching piano!

I have never considered myself a patient person, and my mom would heartily agree, but something comes over me when I teach. I could sit there literally for hours and go over hard passages with my students who are trying so hard to learn and understand something new, and instead of being frustrated or impatient, I love every second of it. The most rewarding moment is when it clicks and you can see they get it, and they can perform what they were trying to achieve. Seeing the satisfaction and joy on their faces is so worth it. If I could bottle that feeling, I would be a millionaire.

I discovered I loved teaching piano. And God decided to bless me with more students. And more students, and more students. Suddenly people who I didn't know were contacting me asking for my services. With little to no advertisement of my own, I found myself with nine piano students!

I found myself looking at my fall schedule working a full-time job and teaching every night for two to three hours. I began to wonder how I was going to keep up the pace. During the past few months, different things were going on at my job and due to changes over the past year I was not very happy there, nor did I feel like I belonged or that it was where I was supposed to be.

I found myself faced with a crossroad. Where to go? What to do? I knew I wasn't happy at my job and I knew what did make me happy was teaching. But could I make a living at it? Was I brave enough to leave a position I'd held for three years with excellent benefits, and where I had just gotten a raise? Was I brave enough to step out and trust God to provide for me?

I worried a lot that I was trying to make my will God's will. Have you ever done that? I seem to have a problem with wanting control over my life and thinking I know best. It's kind of crazy when you think about it. God is the Creator of the world, and yet I think I know better than Him.

So I prayed and I prayed some more and some more. I think half of my church was praying for me.

And then something happened.

I found an email saved in one of my folders from a job I had been interested in months ago. I wondered if the position was still open. I figured, why not email her and ask?

So I did.

And then before I knew what was happening I had an interview scheduled.

So I went.

And by the time I had left the interview and gotten back to my computer I had an email asking for my resume and references. 

So I sent them. 

One day later, I had a request for a second interview.

So I went.

I was offered a part-time job in an office. With my own desk. For a smaller company. Working two to three days a week with flexible hours. I told them I was interested in a part-time job for steady income while I taught piano. They were incredibly nice and very flexible with my schedule. 

So I gave my notice at work.

And now in less than two weeks I am going to start living my dream: teaching piano full-time while still keeping a foot in the door of the professional world and working part-time in an office. No more front desk. No more receptionist. My own office (it's basically a closet, but it's MY closet office!).

Three weeks ago I would have never in my wildest dreams imagined that this would be happening.

Three weeks ago I was dreading the start of fall and the business of my office and putting up with my insufferable coworker.

And yet here I am. Changing everything I have known for the past three years and stepping out into a brand new world.

It's a HUGE change for me.

Yet, is it?

Twelve years ago I went off to Florida with the goal of Music Education.

And here we are now, full circle.

It's a change from what I've known for years, but it's a change to what I have always dreamt of and hoped for.

Change. Change is good.

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