As it rains, God reigns.

September 14, 2012


I grew up in humid, rainy Houston. I moved to dry, hot Phoenix. I have become quite accustomed to the lack of rain, so much so that I can tell just by the feel of the air how soon it is going to rain because it just never comes

It was a very hot summer. (I say "was" because the last two weeks have been below 100 and I'm holding out hope it will stay that way.) With temperatures reaching 115 degrees plus, my car's temperature is at least 10 to 15 degrees above that after sitting in the parking lot all day. When the sun goes down at night, the temperature barely drops to the high 90's leaving us inside all day, all night.

I was in bed the other night, so close to being sound asleep. All of a sudden I saw lights flashing through our bedroom window. Convinced someone was in our backyard, I started to reach for my phone to text Chris because yelling across the house, "Someone is in our backyard!" seemed a little dramatic. Just as I was about to grab by my phone, thunder struck and rain started beating against the window.

Lighting. Thunder. Rain.


After weeks of scorching heat, we were getting rain. Cooling, needed rain. I never appreciated the rain until I moved to the desert.

It's a rare happening around here, so when it comes, we all stare at it in awe. "It's raining!"

"Did you hear the rain last night?" 

"Did you hear it's supposed to rain in three days?"

Our yards are dry, the air is thick and we are tired of being hot with no relief - until the rain comes. The grass shoots up through the soil, thankful for the watering, and the air lightens as it becomes clean and cool. 

It relieves us as much as it relieves the earth. When we get to the point of not being able to handle the summer heat any longer, the rain comes to offer a sweet redeeming. 

And just as the rain pours onto the ground, God pours onto us. When we're too hot, too tired, too encumbered - God rains. God reigns.

God is reigning in my life every day as I've asked for relief from the last year of events. I never appreciated God's reign until I wandered through the desert. And He continues to reign in the little moments as mightily as He does in the bigger ones.

As it rains, God reigns.

How is He reigning in your life?

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  1. "just as the rain pours onto the ground, God pours onto us"
    This is a wonderful reminder for me today.
    Thank you!

  2. in the desert, we all stop for a moment when it rains. It refreshes and washes everything...i love it. His hand has guided my every step. I would be in the darkest place without Him.

  3. I just love you and your heart! Can't wait to see you tonight!


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