Sixteen weeks.

September 27, 2012

Dear Baby,

We are officially four months along. I like the monthly markers when I can speak in full months and not weeks which tend to confuse others. So we're an even four months.

Eating has become a second job for me as I work tirelessly each morning to load up my lunch bag with enough food to get me through an eight-hour workday with breakfast, lunch and snacks. Peanut butter toast and a banana for breakfast at 8, an apple at 10, lunch at noon, grapes at 2, and cheese and crackers right when I get home around 4. And then there's dinner and then an after-dinner snack.

Besides keeping up with my hunger, I've been feeling really good. I am settling into being pregnant with you and it's become much more normal than it has been the last couple of months.

And then I felt you move.

When I was sitting at my desk today, I felt a flutter in my stomach that caught me by surprise. I ignored it, sitting still to see if it would happen again. It happened again - like little carbonated bubbles popping simultaneously. Later in the afternoon, I felt it again a couple of times.

You're really in there, and I know this, but it's sometimes hard to imagine. We had our first two ultrasounds with you within two and a half weeks of each other. Now going on four weeks without one, it's harder to find reassurance that you're safe and sound. I know you are, but the flutters are such an assuring reminder.

Stay safe and sound in there. And feel free to flutter as often as you'd like.

Love you,
Your Mama

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  1. Isn't it the best? I loved feeling my babies move... and it's the only thing I miss about being pregnant. :-) Enjoy!


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