A weekend of shopping, registering and pitching.

October 15, 2012

This weekend was the first in many, many weekends where I had nothing major on the calendar. I decided to soak it up.

The weather was incredible and it almost feels like fall is in full swing. We are finally at the time of year where sitting outside after dark isn't still miserable and hot. I am loving it and having to remind myself to get outside and enjoy it. After five months of being afraid of the sun, it's tough to readjust my brain.

On Friday night, we had dinner with two good friends who are expecting twins. She is due in just a few weeks and it's been a blessing to have a couple we can share with on this journey to parenthood. I'm looking forward to getting to know her babies before our own makes its entrance. 

Chris had an all-day bachelor party on Saturday complete with hiking, breakfast, a local festival, dinner, bowling and a night out on the town. I had an all-day do-whatever-I-want party complete with a trip to the Old Navy maternity section, lunch at Chick-fil-a, roaming aisles at Ross, cleaning out the spare room, adding stuff to a garage sale pile, finishing my laundry and then planting myself on the couch with pizza to watch the Aggies barely squeeze out a victory. 

A couple of things to note, however. Where in the world do I find maternity pants and why are they all awkward fitting? I swear I can only find straight-legged pants with a fit that does nothing at all for what figure I have left. I've resorted to wearing dresses and stretchy skirts to work practically every day except for the one day we can wear jeans - which I am good on. Jeans are covered. I also found a great rug at Ross for the baby's nursery in one of the colors we chose. It was only $35 and makes me excited to start getting that room ready.

Speaking of the nursery, I informed Chris on Friday night that I no longer want the old office near the front of the house to be the nursery. I want the current guest bedroom at the back of the house to now be the nursery, which means the old office needs to finish being cleaned out, the guest room needs to transfer to the old office and I just added a whole lot of work to his plate. We were sitting there watching a show when it dawned on me that the television backs up to the wall where the crib is and so I rearranged the entire half of the house before bringing up the idea. 

Fortunately, he agreed. I wonder if he thinks I'm crazy yet.

And back to garage sale. We are aiming to have one in December. Our garage is already stacking up with items collected over the last year (because we haven't gotten our act together yet to just have one already) and as I register for new baby items, I scan our small rental house looking for more stuff to pitch. It's been rejuvenating so far, but then Chris came into the room last night and asked why three of his things were in the garage sale pile. I might have a problem.

On Sunday, we actually slept in and had nowhere to be any time early. We chose to go to the later service of church which meant I could take my time in the morning making pancakes and eggs. On the way to church, I forced Chris to stop at Starbucks so I could get a decaf soy latte to hold me over for the next two hours. He made a point that I had just eaten and I made the point that if I do not eat or drink something during that service I might pass out on him. He told me I wouldn't. I told him he could talk when he's pregnant. He told me I should have brought snacks. I told him I forgot and can he just stop at Starbucks already? Again, I think he thinks I'm crazy.

After the service, we headed up to register for Baby (but not before having a romantic lunch date at Wendy's). I walked into the megastore that is Babies R Us and was slightly overwhelmed. We had three major things on our list: crib and dresser, stroller, carseat. We ended up finally agreeing on a crib and dresser only to read terrible reviews about them online later in the day. We narrowed it down to two strollers and I really don't know how I can choose so I might cross my fingers for both of them. We also narrowed it down to three carseats but the decision seems impossible and the scanner didn't pick one of them up.

Needless to say, we are going back in a few weeks for round two. 

Oh, and by the way. We didn't open the envelope. (Someone just had a weak moment.)

How was your weekend?

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  1. I'm finally back to the blogging world and loved reading this post. I'm glad you were able to have a do-what-you-want day on Saturday, as you're very deserving! I love that Chris is supportive of your choice to turn the guest bedroom into the nursery. I look forward to seeing pictures of the room, as it comes further along. I hope all is well with you, Jordan! XO


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