I want to reply to your comments.

October 17, 2012

I recently converted back to the Blogger style of comments after experiencing some problems with the system I was using.

I love being able to reply to comments, and if your email isn't linked up to your Blogger account, I can't do that. So that's why I changed in the first place. With the other comment system, I captured emails.

But I also want you to comment and not be bogged down with technical difficulties. So I switched back.

And here we are.

To make sure your email is linked up, do you mind following this tutorial by Amanda at Royal Daughter Designs?

I really, really want to respond to all of your comments, but with no email, it's not possible.

(If you don't have email, just leave your email in the URL box or comment box!)

Do it for me. Or the baby.

Who can say no to a baby?

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  1. I've done this multiple times....you see back in the day I didn't know anything about blogging and used my personal email address. I hate my inbox getting all jumbled with personal and blog emails!! So I followed the incredibly simple instructions and all of my comments STILL come to my personal email. I have attempted this more than once!!! Maybe there is something wrong with mine?? Just know that no everyone who is a no-reply blogger does it on purpose!

  2. No one can say no to a baby!
    ~Ashley W.

  3. Yay! Now I can comment more often. I will probably never say no to your baby...but you will have to, 'cause you're the mama. See you in 2 days! Love, Mama


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