Nineteen weeks.

October 18, 2012

Dear Baby, 

You, my bump, popped out a bit this week. I looked down on Monday and all of a sudden it was very much more there.

You've positioned yourself right on top of my, well, bladder. Needless to say, the bathroom trips have multiplied this week and I finally understand what they mean when they say pregnant women have to pee all of the time. Because literally, it feels like all the time. 

We registered for you this weekend. When we walked into the store, I was a little overwhelmed that the entire store was for babies. How much does one baby need? Apparently, quite a bit. We picked out a crib and dresser (only to change our minds and pick out new ones three days later), we have two strollers in mind (but we have a difference of opinion) and the carseat is still a question. Don't worry. I promise it will all be settled before you get here.

Your dad has been much more involved than I expected. That's not to say I didn't completely expect it, but I definitely didn't think he would have such passionate opinions about strollers and nursery colors and pacifiers. It's exciting to see him this excited, as sometimes I forget to include him in the little details. He is offering up times to go back and update our registry, he has joined me on grocery trips consistently for weeks now and I find his hand reaching for you daily now as you are becoming much more evident in our lives.

While I haven't had any crazy or odd cravings with you yet, there have been a couple of things I just have to have. First, slushes. Sonic gets my business at least two to three times a week as I crave a strawberry slush. I have to have one as we go grocery shopping to both keep my sugar levels up and keep me from getting sick at the mix of smells. Second, popsicles. I have a lifetime supply of Otter Pops in our freezer and I eat two at a time at least every other day. Similar to slushes, it keeps my sugar up and settles my stomach. And lastly, baked potato chips and French onion sour cream dip. In fact, I want some right now as I write this.

With our registry (mostly) built, furniture (finally) picked out and a plan in place for the next five months, we're ready for you.

Very, very ready.

Love you,
Your Mama

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  1. Get ready! My hand will be reaching for that baby bump today! Can't wait to see you in person and hug you both at the same time.
    Love, Mama

  2. I have been craving potatoe chips and french onion dip as well!! actually have two containers of it in my fridge! sympathy cravings? :)

  3. Registering sounds so fun! Congratulations, by the way!!

  4. I love these posts, Jordan! :) Can't wait to meet the little one. Missed you at coronation on Friday!


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