The I-have-a-pregnant-wife version of my husband.

October 12, 2012

{photography by Michelle Koechle}

Chris turned a corner over this last month as I suppose my pregnant state has become more obvious. He's been sweet since day one, but I think it's becoming more evident that I can't keep up like I used to and need a lot more help with the everyday tasks. Lately...

...he started helping me with the grocery trips. I've been complaining to Chris the last few weeks of how it's harder to go to the grocery store by myself with less energy and feeling more lightheaded. He took note and came into the bedroom last Monday afternoon as I was taking my almost-daily nap. When I asked why he was home so early, he said he saw my text about what he needed from the store and wanted to make sure he went with me.

It's amazing how much help it was having someone else handle the cart and heavy lifting.

...he brought me food. I've never been much of a snacker, but since having lightheaded spells if I don't eat every two hours (at least), I need snacks on me at all times. On Saturday, we were volunteering to help set up an event that was taking place on Sunday. I had a big breakfast, but didn't take lunch into consideration because I thinking I'd be out of there in no time. About an hour in, Chris had to leave and I was starting to get a little woozy. I told him I needed to eat, but to not worry about it. I'd figure something out.

Sure enough, he showed up half an hour later - after making a fifteen-minute commute both ways - with my lunch bag full of snacks: crackers, granola bars, a Vitamin Water, an apple, and cashews. 

...he went to the store with me again. I was certain he was maybe just in a very sweet mood last week and that surely the tag-along grocery trips wouldn't be the norm. But then on Monday, he made sure I didn't leave the house for the grocery store - again - until he got home.

...he texted me earlier this week to go home and take a nap. I had texted him and told him I was getting off work early, and he said to take a nap because I "deserve it." I followed his orders.

I'm starting to really like the I-have-a-pregnant-wife version of Chris.

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