The portions on my plate.

November 05, 2012


I have always been bad about finishing everything on my plate. My eyes are way bigger than my stomach and so I fill my plate to the brim with goodness. Sure enough, halfway through, I am stuffed and can't take another bite. My husband knows when I've hit my stopping point and loves to finish it off for me.

I do this with life's plate, too.

On my plate in life, I have me, my husband and marriage, my house, family, friends, my hobbies, my job, my blog, freelance editing, an organization we volunteer with, and weekly commitments like Bible Study and church...and now we've added this growing baby. I can usually keep three or four of those on the plate really well, and then the other ones fall off the edge or just don't get finished. 

Usually, it's me that falls to the wayside.

After many months of trying to scootch it all around so I can do my best to keep it all on the plate, I determined I was officially burnt out. I couldn't keep it all on the plate.

We've worked with a favorite volunteer organization of ours for the last couple of years and especially the last couple of months as we geared up for a big event. Over the last month or so leading up to the event, I realized that my heart wasn't fully invested because it was spread too thin. 

I needed extra time with my husband in the evenings that involved more than just being in the same room.

I needed extra time to myself to take care of me and the baby inside.

I needed extra time with friends to fill me up. 

I needed to fully focus on my new job.

I wanted time to keep up with the house so I could come home and wake up to a clean home each day. 

And I really wanted time - relaxed time - to keep up my writing.

I had to evaluate my heart and realize this organization was keeping me busy - which I strive on - but that I wasn't giving them all of me. To give all of me to God, my husband, friends, myself and this growing baby, I had to keep a spoonful of goodness off of my plate. I knew I wouldn't finish all of my helpings if I didn't.

As we go into the second half of this pregnancy, our plate is a little lighter.

How do you balance the servings on your plate?

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  1. I try to remember saying no is really a way of saying yes to something else, maybe something better. I feel like I dont do much but go to work and manage my family right now, I write, I spend time with myself. That's all. I tell myself this is a season, and later, when they are older, I will do more outside things. It's hard to break away from committments sometimes. I'm glad you are lightening the load.


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