Twenty-four weeks.

November 21, 2012

Dear Baby,

I still am taken aback when people ask me about you. I forget that I am now very much showing and that it's very obvious to those who I have never met. It's exciting, though, to strike up conversations about you with strangers (as long as they keep their hands to themselves).

We are six months along this week. I like the monthly markers; they make me feel like we made it to yet another milestone. Another month down and another month closer.

You haven't stopped moving around this week. Every time I eat or sit down to rest, you start moving around like crazy. I can actually see your kicks through my shirt as spots on my belly bump out a bit. I love the constant reminder.

We're celebrating Thanksgiving this week with your dad's family in California. We'll be surrounded by your eight cousins and it's fun to think that this time next year you'll be the ninth in the brood. I am looking forward to food, family and football (as I watch our beloved Aggies play the last game of their season).

You are definitely at the top of my list of what I'm thankful for this year. As this year began, we didn't know what God had in store for us. I knew I needed a brighter year than last, and I needed hope to cling onto. He provided in more ways than one, and then, in July, He provided you. You were a surprise that has proven to be in His perfect timing. 

I am thankful for His timing. I am thankful for a healthy pregnancy. I am thankful each time I feel you kick. I am thankful your dad is the one beside me. I am thankful for supportive family and friends.

And most of all, above all else, I am thankful for you.

Love you,
Your Mama

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