Twenty-eight weeks.

December 20, 2012

Dear Baby,

Hello, third trimester. It has all of a sudden become much more real that we are in the last and final stretch (literally...stretch). 

I went to my monthly check-up this week and like all the times before, we passed with flying colors: good blood pressure, good weight gain, good size, good heartbeat. I did my glucose testing this week which made you squirm quite a bit more due to a sugar high. We finally found your (racing) heartbeat after chasing you around for a bit. From here on out, I'll go every two weeks and then weekly, which I know will make it all seem even quicker.

I feel blessed to have had a healthy pregnancy thus far. I know not everyone gets a healthy report each time, much less the ability to have children in the first place. I am thankful for you and I pray for those who are yearning for a healthy baby of their own.

This last week was tough emotionally due to the tragedy in Connecticut. Part of me feels very intimidated to bring you into such a crazy world and have the responsibility of protecting you. I know I can't do it alone, and that you were and are God's child first, but stories like ones from the past weekend make me thankful I have you all to myself for the next couple of months. We'll do our best.

Until then, I'm keeping you safe and sound.

Love you,
Your Mama

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