Week Four: 21 graces.

February 01, 2013

(For an introduction on 21 Graces, visit this post.)

  1. My mom and sister coming into town for the weekend.
  2. My mom's best friend also coming into town as an added bonus.
  3. The much-needed rain.
  4. Freshly painted nails.
  5. Early mornings with my mom.
  6. Coming home to an emptied dishwasher twice courtesy of my mom and sister.
  7. The fact that we were all together at the news of my grandmother's passing.
  8. Trusting God's timing is good and right.
  9. Feeling at peace regardless of the circumstances and timing.
  10. Being blessed by friends at my baby shower.
  11. Having a friend like Jen to coordinate the details, decor and all of the special parts of my shower.
  12. Looking at my baby book with my mom.
  13. A nursery that is almost complete.
  14. Freshly washed baby blankets.
  15. Car rides with our dog.
  16. An after-work nap...
  17. ...with a dog who curls up next to me.
  18. Preparedness.
  19. Surprise gifts in the mail from friends.
  20. Comfy, stretchy leggings.
  21. Jeans day at work.

Now it's your turn:

  1. Be in each day and think of three blessings. 
  2. By the end of the week, you will have twenty-one graces to share. 
  3. Come here each Friday morning and link up your list. Make sure to visit others to see what blessings they found.
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  1. It sounds like it was a bittersweet weekend for you. I found out yesterday that my grandmother has cancer, so I am experiencing a fraction of what you are going through. But God is good, all of the time.

  2. I am so glad you had your mom with you to celebrate and to get some special time together preparing for Baby W. You know I look fondly at times like that...and a tad bit envious. :) For the record since wearing leggings even more when I was pregnant, I still prefer to wear comfy stretchy leggings at any opportunity! Last but not least, it is most definitely hard to beat the smell of fresh baby laundry.

  3. Honored to be on your list and I was overjoyed to throw your shower. It was so fun to watch you get blessed and be loved by so many!


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