Week Five: 21 graces.

February 08, 2013

For an introduction to 21 Graces, visit this postIt's never too late to jump on in!

  1. Receiving lots of diapers from Chris' "man" shower.
  2. Getting a prenatal massage.
  3. Communion.
  4. Attending our last birth class after an eight-week run and feeling ready and informed.
  5. Having a long, open conversation at the dinner table about our future.
  6. Knowing change is coming, but knowing we'll be able to handle it.
  7. Saving over $100 on the grocery bill by using coupons.
  8. Crossing things off the to do list.
  9. Crisp mornings.
  10. Warm afternoons.
  11. Finding out through my weekly appointment that Baby is progressing.
  12. An encouraging phone call with Casey.
  13. Finishing an editing project earlier than expected.
  14. Productive evenings.
  15. Chris opting to get up in the middle of the night to handle the sick dog.
  16. Having all baby items washed and ready.
  17. Hot chocolate.
  18. An afternoon nap in between work duties.
  19. Chris' willingness to build all of the baby items.
  20. Buying fresh, new pajamas to live in after Baby comes.
  21. An open calendar.

Now it's your turn:

  1. Be in each day and think of three blessings. 
  2. By the end of the week, you will have twenty-one graces to share. 
  3. Come here each Friday morning and link up your list. Make sure to visit others to see what blessings they found.
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  1. This might be my favorite list yet! I LOVE #7! My couponing career has fluctuated over the last three years, depending on the ages and stages of my children. Don't be too hard on yourself if your couponing wanes once Baby arrives. Just do the very best you can, and realize that sometimes saving time is just as important as saving money!

  2. I so enjoyed our lengthy phone date too - felt connected and almost like we were together...almost. :) Isn't it nice feeling accomplished if you save even a wee bit of $ these days? I'm with Ashley on some weeks are better than others depending on which kid let me look at coupons let alone actually get them out at the store, but I always love knowing I tried and that I saved something by doing virtually nothing, even $1.00. That is $1.00 that can go towards a margarita. Ha! I am glad you had a good week and are feeling productive and as ready as you can feel. Don't forget to rest and relax this weekend too!


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