Our love story.

February 13, 2013

Our love story started the day in the coffee shop that I decided to make a list. I tucked the list away for many months, adding to it every now and then.

Our love story continued when I got myself into a tangled-up situation later that year. I didn't know how to untangle it, and when I tried, it only created more knots. So I stopped trying and let it be. I let it be tangled.

Our love story turned a corner when I realized how to step out of the knots and into God's goodness.

But I slipped, like most do. My anxiety crept back into my life and I pushed my way through it.

Our love story picked back up when I spent a hot, Arizona summer meeting guys who just weren't it. And then I went on a bad date.

Our love story wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the bad date because I decided to go back out the next evening to make up for it. I ended up at a dusty wooden table in a crowded bar across from my now-husband. I heard God whisper, "This is it," and then He turned to Chris and said, "She's the one." 

Our love story took a leap when Chris asked for my number, took me to dinner, pursued me, loved me, asked me to be his for the long haul, and then married me on a sunny day in March.

Our love story was painful to read during the first year of marriage.

Our love story came alive during the second year of marriage.

Our love story will be welcoming a new baby - a piece of us - as we end our third year of marriage.

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  1. Thanks for sharing gives us single gals hope :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing your story! I really like reading about how people fall in love : )


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