Freezer meals.

March 04, 2013

I typically meal plan each week and cook dinner most nights. Knowing that the baby would throw our schedule off a bit for a while, I didn't want us to fall too far out of the habit of eating at home. So in anticipation of the baby's arrival, I spent a day off work preparing freezer meals for us to have on hand.

After searching Pinterest and friends' blogs, I ended up making the following meals:

This made four batches, but I froze three and had one for dinner that night.

I switched out the ham for turkey. This made two meals.

This meal is a favorite of ours. I doubled the recipe to make 16 taquitos, which will make about four meals for us.

This is another staple in our routine. I split it into two meals; just add tortillas!

It was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it knowing we have 11 meals tucked away in the freezer.

Do you have any tried and true freezer meal suggestions?

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  1. Make ahead roasted potatoes comes in SUPER handy when the bigger bags are cheaper than the small ones, but you just can't eat that many potatoes:

    My husband's a huge fan of the cheesy tater tot casserole:

  2. I love the cookbook Fix, Freeze and Feast. We love the pecan crusted chicken fingers recipe. I always check the cookbook out from the library to save money too.


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