Week Ten: 21 graces.

March 15, 2013

For an introduction to 21 Graces, visit this postIt's never too late to jump on in!

  1. Harmless, pea-sized hail as a weather surprise.
  2. A cheap pizza date.
  3. Making it to see Oz (and being the first ones in the theater).
  4. Going back to bed mid-morning.
  5. Walking the mall with no objective.
  6. A lunch date to mix things up.
  7. An afternoon movie on the couch.
  8. A Saturday night Parenthood marathon.
  9. Sleeping through my internal alarm for once.
  10. Consistent evening walks.
  11. Empty laundry baskets.
  12. Alone time with coffee and blogging.
  13. Having one last night with just the two of us with takeout food and the DVR.
  14. Waking up to contractions.
  15. Caring nurses.
  16. Having a patient and encouraging husband by my side during labor and beyond.
  17. A healthy baby boy.
  18. My mom and sister making it into town just in time.
  19. Endless comments and messages to encourage and congratulate us.
  20. Going into the weekend as a family of three.
  21. New life.

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