Makeshift beds and unpacked boxes.

April 18, 2013

We moved this last weekend. Chris owns a place in another part of town and has been renting it out to tenants. The tenants gave us notice, and wanting to save money and not be tied down to a lease, we decided to move into it ourselves.

We knew we were moving as of mid-February and we knew our baby was due mid-March, so when we said we would move mid-April, it seemed reasonable.

Except we didn't know how tired we would be. Or how unpredictable a newborn's schedule can be. Or just how much packing there would be. Or how moving is a much bigger deal than we claimed it to be. 

But we did it.

I packed during the day as soon as Liam would shut his eyes up until he opened them. Sometimes this would be ten minutes, and sometimes it would be two hours. And sometimes I would fall asleep with him and just go on a packing strike. When Chris arrived home in the evenings, he would take a load of items to the new place, and we repeated this cycle every day last week. 

On Saturday, we decided to hire movers to move all of the big furniture. Since I was on baby duty, I wasn't much help with the actual moving. The movers said they would arrive between 8 and 10 in the morning. We were up at 6, Liam was fed and changed, and I was ready to head over to my sister-in-law's house where we would hang out until the movers had moved everything over to the new place. 

And then 9:30 came and he had to eat again. And be changed again. And he was on his second onesie for the day. By 11, they still hadn't arrived and we repeated the cycle. Finally, they showed up at noon and Liam had gone through two bottles, five diapers and four onesies while waiting. Our furniture was moved over and we began to get settled.

We're in the new place now and surrounded by piles of stuff. We had to get creative as we were in between homes finding empty, quiet places for Liam to nap or going without sheets for a couple of nights because of the energy it took to make the bed. I unpack when Liam is sleeping and like last week, some days I just go on strike out of pure exhaustion or not even knowing where to begin. 

But we did it. We're in the place that will house us until our next adventure as a family of three. 

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  1. Oh it's so exhausting moving - but hurrah you made it to your new home! Very exciting!


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