Week Thirteen: 21 graces.

April 05, 2013

For an introduction to 21 Graces, visit this post. It's never too late to jump on in!
  1. Eating out for the first time as a family of three.
  2. The waiter comping our drinks.
  3. A long drive.
  4. Spending Easter with just my husband and son.
  5. Feeling productive by getting a few chores done.
  6. The baby monitor.
  7. My mom coming in town to help out for the week.
  8. Warmer weather.
  9. Getting to sleep in a bit as my mom takes on the early morning shift.
  10. Shopping for little boy clothes.
  11. Packing the first of the boxes for our move.
  12. Iced tea.
  13. An easy-to-use stroller.
  14. One of my best friends having her sweet baby girl just two and a half weeks after Liam was born.
  15. Learning Liam's cues.
  16. Liam starting to recognize me and my voice.
  17. A baby's smell after a warm bath.
  18. A glass of wine after many, many months.
  19. Blooming trees.
  20. Finding reasons to get out of the house.
  21. Getting past the two-week hurdle and enjoying the third week of a newborn.

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