Week Eighteen: 21 graces.

May 10, 2013

For an introduction to 21 Graces, visit this post. It's never too late to jump on in!
  1. Getting an unexpected refund.
  2. A fresh haircut.
  3. Alone time to wander the mall.
  4. Cooler weather.
  5. Liam loving the playmat.
  6. Being in Texas - home.
  7. A safe flight.
  8. A flight that isn't full so I could have my own row and the carseat.
  9. Helpful flight attendants.
  10. Liam sleeping seven hours straight.
  11. A mid-afternoon latte.
  12. Time with my mom and aunt.
  13. Tex-mex.
  14. Morning smiles from Liam.
  15. Helping hands from family.
  16. Finding a daycare that fits.
  17. Hearing God's voice through coincidental circumstances and others' voices.
  18. Being treated to clothes for myself...
  19. ...and Liam.
  20. Seeing Liam's developments each day.
  21. Spotting a blue jay.

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