Week Twenty-Five: 21 Graces.

June 28, 2013

For an introduction to 21 Graces, visit this post. It's never too late to jump on in!
  1. Hosting a fun shower for Jen and Baby.
  2. Overhearing "God bless you" exchanged between two customers in line.
  3. Getting money back for returns.
  4. Air-conditioning.
  5. A home-cooked meal with friends.
  6. Having friends with babies who understand having to get up in the middle of dinner to tend to the tears.
  7. Playing games with those friends once all the babies were in bed.
  8. The Sunday paper.
  9. Coming well under budget with groceries.
  10. Being able to take Liam to daycare while Chris and I were sick with a stomach bug on Monday.
  11. Chris getting better before me so we weren't both completely helpless.
  12. The good caretaker qualities in my husband.
  13. Laying low on Monday and lounging with Chris.
  14. My mother-in-law coming over Monday night to help with the bedtime routine for Liam.
  15. Waking up on Tuesday feeling so much better and rested.
  16. A three-day work week.
  17. Liam finding his feet...
  18. ...and "talking" non-stop...
  19. ...and grabbing on to me as we walk around.
  20. Babies in beanies.
  21. A mom's night out with Jen.

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