Week Twenty-Four: 21 graces.

June 21, 2013

For an introduction to 21 Graces, visit this post. It's never too late to jump on in!
  1. Doctor offices who get you in quick...
  2. ...and pharmacies that do the same.
  3. Celebrating Father's Day for the first time as a mother.
  4. Having a dad like mine who is a great father, grandfather and father-in-law to our family.
  5. Having a dad like Chris for Liam who is fun, patient and helpful with both of us.
  6. Father's Day brunch with just the three of us.
  7. Us all taking a nap at the same time thanks to Liam sleeping for a long stretch.
  8. A movie date - the first movie we've seen in theaters since the week before Liam was born.
  9. Trying out a new recipe and loving it.
  10. When leftovers are almost better than the night before.
  11. Homemade peach crisp.
  12. Treating my co-workers two little girls to milkshakes.
  13. Liam looking for me when he hears my voice.
  14. Weekly FaceTime chats between Liam and my family.
  15. Having a much overdue Skype date with my sweet friend, Brittany, who had her first baby just 18 days after Liam.
  16. Mia keeping watch during our evening routine of bath, bottle and bed.
  17. Little boy clothes.
  18. Clean laundry.
  19. Liam successfully lifting his head during tummy time.
  20. How excited Liam gets when we peek over his crib in the morning.
  21. Settling into a consistent morning routine.

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