Liam's fourth month.

July 24, 2013

Growing: At four months, he weighs 15 pounds 15 ounces (52%) and is 26 1/2 inches long (92%).

Wearing: As soon as he hit the 3 month mark, he moved into 6 month clothes, and as his fourth month came to a close, he started wearing some 9 month. He wears 9-12 month pajamas because of those long legs! (I can't keep up.) He's moved into size 3 diapers this last month.

Eating: He is taking 6-7 ounces every three hours or so for a total of five bottles a day.

Doing: He is teething like a mad man, babbling up a storm, grabbing anything in sight, rolling over as soon as he hits the ground, and scooting away.

Loving: He is loving our dog Mia, his exersaucer, and being out and about. He is not loving being confined to his car seat if we're in a store or restaurant.

{Still loves finding his thumb.}

{Still loves baths.}

{Liam and Uncle Will.}

{Liam and Pop.}

{An early morning with Juney.}

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  1. Oh gosh how can you stand all that cuteness! Adorable! You look great too jordy :-)

  2. Oh my goodness how he's grown - love that bath time smile :-) Alice x

  3. He loves his baths - which means we do, too! :)

  4. He's been fun! Thanks, Joanne. :)


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