This too shall pass.

July 31, 2013

Last week started off more stressful than most. 

There was no major thing in particular that kicked off Monday with an I-want-to-start-over-tomorrow attitude, but instead, there were a lot of minor things. A lot of minor things that piled onto our shoulders and weighed us down.

Since having Liam, I have felt the need to protect my home a little more: to protect and keep safe my little family of three. To protect what Liam sees and experiences. To protect my marriage to Chris even moreso for the sake of this little life we created. To protect the place we tuck ourselves into at night. It goes beyond locking the doors; it sometimes calls for making boundaries and building walls.

In the midst of trying to keep those stresses at bay, we were both reminded that this too shall pass. 

As I complained about the drama and the spilled coffee and the solo-parenting gig and the broken garbage disposal, I knew they were all things that would pass. Standing alone, they were each very doable. But together? They seemed like too much to handle.

So I settled into the couch (after pushing aside the overpriced salad I ordered that was mistakenly covered in blue cheese) just after Liam was put to bed. I was so beyond tired and stressed and burdened. And I thought, this too shall pass.

Not the spills or the leaky sink or the long nights alone - though those will soon pass - but the good moments.

The times with Liam as a babbling, rolling baby. This too shall pass.

The times where it's just the three of us. This too shall pass.

The time I have alone with my thoughts and words. This too shall pass.

This week, I'm soaking in those passable moments and keeping a tight hold on my two favorite boys. I'm not letting the outside world creep in and steal our joy. I'm not letting the boundaries and walls we have set become cracked. I'm making myself shout words of gratitude for leaky sinks and spilled coffee and the solo-parenting nights because, hey, I have a sink and coffee and I get to be a parent to Liam.

And after all, those too shall pass.

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  1. Wise words I could definitely apply in my own life, I'm known for letting not just the outside world creep in, but the future, living in the then instead of appreciating now.

  2. I tend to focus too much on the future, too - the unknown.


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