Week Thirty-Four: 21 graces.

August 31, 2013

(Sorry I'm late to my own party! I traveled all day yesterday with Liam on my own which left little time to do anything but handle his every waking need.)
For an introduction to 21 Graces, visit this post. It's never too late to jump on in!

  1. Driving behind an Aggie's car.
  2. My mom coming in town to watch Liam while we get away for twenty-four hours alone.
  3. Getting a creekside upgrade at our resort.
  4. Stepping into the fresh, cold creek water.
  5. Hearing nothing but rushing water.
  6. Visiting a local winery.
  7. Eating juicy grapes right off the vine.
  8. FaceTiming with Liam.
  9. Waking up to pouring rain.
  10. Being able to go back to sleep when I woke up too early because there was no one waiting for me.
  11. Liam being cuddly and sleepy before his minor surgery.
  12. A successful surgery where everything went just as expected.
  13. Sweet nurses who take care of these babies.
  14. My mom staying with him at our house while he recovered so we could go to work and he could get extra attention.
  15. Liam bouncing back.
  16. Umbrella strollers.
  17. My dad having an all-expense paid conference to Phoenix of all places.
  18. Taking advantage of the amenities at the hotel where my parents stayed.
  19. Having a glass of wine with my mom.
  20. Holding a new baby for a mom at an event at work so she could enjoy a baby-free breakfast.
  21. Chris having plenty of PTO time to spend time with Liam at home until he's ready to go back to daycare.


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  1. Sounds like a great and busy week! Glad Liam's surgery went really well! Have a blessed week

  2. Congrats on getting away for 24 hours alone! I still haven't gotten away for longer than about 4!


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