Week Thirty-One: 21 graces.

August 09, 2013

For an introduction to 21 Graces, visit this post. It's never too late to jump on in!

  1. Waking up to cleaned-up dishes and bottles.
  2. Saving 50% on groceries thanks to couponing.
  3. Having breakfast and coffee with new friends.
  4. Friends who love on and hold our baby.
  5. Having Chris back to a normal schedule...
  6. ...and getting a reprieve from solo-parenting.
  7. A surprise birthday dinner from girlfriends.
  8. Being showered with birthday cards.
  9. Fresh sunflowers in a glass pitcher.
  10. Homemade cake from a sweet, talented friend.
  11. Going to "Moms' Night Out" with Jen.
  12. Receiving a swag bag of coupons and goodies.
  13. Getting a daybed from Ikea to turn Liam's nursery into a guest room and nursery combo.
  14. Staying up late, but using teamwork to get it built.
  15. Liam being a flexible sleeper no matter where he ends up.
  16. Donating our unused musical instruments to a school.
  17. Saving money by purchasing consignment clothes...
  18. ...and making money by consigning my clothes.
  19. Giving myself permission to take vacation day.
  20. Falling asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.
  21. Treating myself to a Dr. Pepper.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your graces with others.

  2. Thanks Jordy! Looks like you had a wonderful week - Happy Birthday!


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